In a nutshell

IT Sligo is delighted to announce the launch of this new three year acting course. With skills classes, masterclasses from industry professionals, workshops and performances in our Black Box Theatre, this course will equip you to make a start as an actor in theatre, film or television.

Throughout the three years you will be introduced to the main acting genres and be given a range of approaches to acting. In addition to vocal and movement skills, you will learn how to create characterisation. Although we will want to see you develop as a creative individual, you will also learn to be part of an ensemble.

Although the training is essentially practical, it is important that an actor learns how to intellectually engage with the text and become an informed actor. To this end, Cultural and Performance Studies will engage you with cultural and historical backgrounds and will explore a range from textual analysis to performance art.
In addition to an experienced staff, you will work with other industry professionals in masterclasses and workshops to extend your range of approaches to self, text and audience.
With a programme which has been endorsed by the industry, you would be choosing to study on a course which is committed to your future employment, which will let you work closely with other would-be developing professionals and which will give you the skills you will need for your future in the industry.

What's involved?

foundation year

This foundation year introduces the students to the collaborative disciplines essential to making theatre and performance, including acting, theatre design, directing and performance/cultural studies.

developing your skillset

The second year in Acting focuses on a variety of acting skills assessed through performance. Students will be exposed to a range of dramatic genres, acting styles and plays, from the classics through modern to contemporary works; and they will explore a range of approaches to acting.
Cultural/Performance Studies introduce students to a variety of visual, literacy and critical faculties from a range of cultural and historical backgrounds. Plays, film, productions and live performance are considered from practical and academic contexts.

actor and audience

The focus of the Acting modules shifts to considering the relationship between the actor and audience. Students engage in a variety of performance contexts and spaces outside of the Institute.
Cultural/Performance Studies: Students critically engage in theoretical and practical learning across a range of areas including postmodernism, gender theory, post-dramatic performance and post-colonialism.

Further Study

Upon graduating, you can continue to complete a Level 8 in Performing Arts at IT Sligo. Later you may choose to undertake a Higher Diploma in Education, Master of Arts, Master of Education, MPhil in Theatre and Performance, or embark on a PhD.

Career Opportunities

You will find yourself in acting and directing in theatre, film, TV, radio, teaching and facilitating careers in broader cultural context (e.g. graduates founded new theatre companies, write plays, etc.)

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