In a nutshell

A blend of design and programming modules to build your capacity to deliver into the games development sector.

If you dream of games and aspire to more than just playing, then this programme can open doors for you to the largest software industry out there.

We designed this programme in a way that delivers on core programming skills that can be applied outside the games industry should your career take a different turn. You'll have ample programming exposure to primarily XBox games development. This programme takes commitment and energy. However, the rewards both at home and particularly abroad, can make it worth the effort.

What's involved?

A solid foundation in computing

You'll study the same modules as all our first year computing students. Two modules in particular have you designing and building games right off the block. This offers an insight into other important computing modules but also helps you confirm your interest in games. You'll also study computer hardware, design thinking, web design and work with micro-controlers (Arduino).

Building out your skills base

This year you really start to gain skills to build bigger more accomplished games. There are 4 (of 12) dedicated modules to games ranging from animation & modelling (to build game assets) through 2D games programming. Games programming is 'high-end' so we'll round out your year with some data structures & algorithms - important to any programming but essential to build your capacity for games programming.

Getting ready for the workplace

This is the shortest academic year as you leave for placement at Easter. There's lots to do to get you ready. This year places you in a group of 4, working year-long to develop a large scale game. This is a great chance to build something substantial, something to get you noticed by employers and to work on those soft-skills of working and playing nice with others. You'll interview for jobs and begin focusing on the end-game - gaining employment!

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