They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

– Andy Warhol

Experienced Lecturers

Nothing beats real world experience. Learn from real-world practitioners, their inside knowledge and contacts and leverage their insights into the Fine Art field. You'll draw from their combined creativity to develop your own practice.

Dedicated Studios

Fine Art studies have a dedicated and unique space to work. Each student is offered a personal studio space, generous art supplies and technicians on hand to guide you in your work. This cultivates a special student community environment and a sense of common purpose.

Art in Practice

Your work doesn't happen in secret - each year we organise tours & trips to broaden your appreciation of other genres and styles. We exhibit your work both on campus and through our affiliations and contacts with galleries and exhibition spaces.

How We Work


Your work

We take the time to get to know you, your work, your aspirations. This helps us better advise how you would stand to grow from your studies here at IT Sligo. From this we foster a community of like-minded artists sure to benefit from what we have to offer.


Generous Facilities

Fine Art occupies a unique space overlooking the main campus, in a dedicated building. Lecturers and technicians work among the students which cultivates an environment of mutual respect and appreciation for differing styles and tastes.



We make sure you have both the resources and platform to grow and exhibit your work. Fine Art programmes are among the oldest in the college and with that brings deep and meaningful relationships with the wider artist audience. Such contacts are the lifeblood of our programmes and are sure to deliver for you.

The Programmes

  • “Deciding to study full-time was definitely the right decision for me; it’s a bit like a wave, you need training and discipline to go with it, but when you do it’s quite a ride. Gavin McCrea, Fourth Year student in Fine Art

  • The Fine Art programme made such a difference to me. It helped to identify and develop my own sense of what I wanted to do. Fine Art (Ord) Student, 2014

  • We thought the ‘experts’ might think differently to the general public, but it turns out that artists are people too! Stephanie McGowan, Fourth Year student in Fine Art

  • A great bunch of people, in a great place. Fine Art (Ord), 2013